Understanding Brokers

What is a broker? A broker is the company where you make your trades. Choosing a broker. It all starts with choosing the broker. Many companies claim to be “the Continue reading

Accessing the charts.

New traders are sometimes amazed at the speed in which I can look at a chart, and decide if there are any trade opportunities. Now that you have a better Continue reading

Markets to look for

After some time spent analyzing your charts, you will start to see that there are only three types of markets. They are: Trending: This type of market is easy to Continue reading

Types of candlesticks to look for.

It has been said, “every picture tells a story,” and this is true for candlesticks as well. Sometimes we can get a clear picture by examining a single candle, other Continue reading

Changing of the guard.

When looking at a chart, I always try to think of it as one army versus another. On one side, you have the Bulls / buyers, who want every candlestick Continue reading

A walkthrough of the MT4 platform

MetaTrader 4 has plenty of features/buttons that aid Forex investors. Many of these are not applicable to Binary trading. In this section I will go over the most commonly used Continue reading

Adding charts to MT4.

1. If the “Market Watch” area is not open displaying the currency pairs available to be added, click the third button from the left to open it. 2. If you Continue reading

Tools For The Binary Trader

Tools of the trade. As mentioned earlier, the only tools you need are a web browser, and charting software. If you don’t wish to install any software, you can use Continue reading