Signal Services

These services offer new traders a way to start trading without any knowledge of the market. Some companies email, or text you, while others will have you join a video Continue reading

Best and worst times to trade.

When starting to learn about currency trading, it is natural to want to learn the best strategies for success. Knowing how, and why a market moves, is very important. Equally Continue reading

Keep your eye open for patterns.

Many times the charts may look chaotic to you, often times they are. One exercise you can try, is to see if there are any patterns that have formed previously. Continue reading

Support and resistance

Forex traders have long recognized the importance of charting support and resistance (S/R) zones. These zones can give real insight as to which direction the market may swing. As humans, Continue reading

The trend is your friend!

In a trending market it is common to have thoughts like: “This can’t go much higher. I will open a PUT trade; This has been dropping for quite a while, Continue reading